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ATTENTION: Please Help ASAP Biphobe Musto being HONORED at NYC LGBT Center Tonight!

When approached about it the NYC LGBT Community Center candidly claimed they don't see any particular problem with honoring him, then said "Sorry" if an event is not to our liking and suggest we simply attend other events and then basically shrugged, and said "not their problem".

To refresh people's memories, here is just one example of why Musto is not exactly a poster child for the LGBT Community and NOT a good candidate to be honored for anything. And everyone will notice that other's in the greater LGBT Community (like GLAAD for example) thought so too:

this is what Biphobia looks like: columnist Michael Musto asks 'Are Bisexuals Real?'
Michael Musto spews biphobia in Village Voice column

We must wonder, would they be so quick to honor a gay man who consistently made anti-Trans remarks or anti-Semitic slurs? Can't they find some non-bigots to honor instead? Surely there are an overabundance of good people in our LGBT Community who are more worthy of acclaim.

Frankly if Mr. Musto was straight and said these things about the LGBT Community in general they wouldn't be "Honoring" him, they'd be picketing him. But since he said these things about the Bisexual Community suddenly it's ok and we should just overlook it all. I think NOT!

Please contact ASAP:

Out Professionals at 917.626.2030 info (at) outprofessionals (dot) org who came up with this less than bright ideas


the NYC LGBT Community Center at 212-620-7310 to discuss why they thought this might be a good idea to promote this as a featured event.

You might want to remind them that the sign on their door actually says LGBT Center and that the "B" is NOT there for decoration and is NOT SILENT either.

People who are on facebook may also want to go to the NYC LGBT' Center's Promotional Link and express their opinion there too, (but be warned, either there is something wrong with facebook or shockingly enough the Center has decided to erase negative comments!!)

Please take a moment to do this NOW since the Event is on for this evening, (why we suggest phone-calls and Facebook).

Thanks so much for your assistance.

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